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Shiksha aims in providing students and aspiring professionals FREE counselling and guidance on various aspects like communication and softskills, coding skills, interview and group discussion tips and tricks, resume building and career opportunities ONLINE. Students from all parts of the country can benefit from this project by attending classes in the comfort of their homes. We want to do our part by shedding light on the career paths which will suit you, train you for the same and change your lives. 


Communications and Soft skills workshop

Need help in developing your communication skills? Learn effective presentation skills, body language & more. 


Interview Preparation Workshop

Want to know, how to prepare for Job interviews. Learn Job Interview preperation tips, group discussions and more.

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Career Opportunities


Wish to know different Job and Career opportunities available for you in Goverment & Private Sector? 

soft skill

Communication and Soft Skills Workshop

  • Body language: Posture, confidence, eye contact, brisk walk, etc

  • Team building exercises

  • Classes on etiquette: Dressing style, meal etiquette

  • Mock group discussions on current affairs and important topics

  • Presentation tricks and 1 mock presentation in front of the class


Interview Preparation Workshop

  • Important interview questions (Tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself in 5 years, why did you choose this particular field, current affairs, etc)

  • Important GD topics (Is technology a boon or a bane, Are online classes a boon or a bane, impact of covid-19 in India, etc)

  • Tips and tricks to ace interviews and Group discussions

  • Mock interviews and GDs

Career opportunities

Career Opportunities Workshop

  • Resume preparation tips and tricks

  • Banking and Financial sector career opportunities list

  • Government job opportunities

  • Career opportunities in the technical field

  • List of career options in unexplored fields like Fashion, agriculture, arts, hospitality, etc

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