India has the highest number of child laborers in the world.


Aasra (meaning: support / reliance) has been founded with the sole purpose of lending hand to our silently suffering children by facilitating them with basic education and medical facilities.We hope this little gesture will give them hope, awareness and strength to move ahead in their lives.

Our mission is to preserve the innocence and childhood of our children; and provide them an opportunity to learn, play, eat and stay well. We want to do our bit to help these children, support them for a future they deserve and create a channel for people who also want to provide their support through us.


We help & support underprivileged children in their journey towards progress and a better life

How beautiful it will be if every child at the very least will have access to the basic needs - HEALTH & EDUCATION.

To fulfill this desire, we are running the following Help & Support Programs: 

  • SHIKSHA  - Providing Educational Help & Support to deserving children. 

  • RAAHAT   - Providing Medical Help & Support to educational institutions in remote areas. 

  • DIYA         - Opportunity for mainstream kids to exchange gifts with underprivileged kids promoting equality & inclusivity.

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Sirisha Tadepalli

Founder - The Aasra

Sirisha is the founder of the Social Service Organization - TheAasra. The Aasra is involved in supporting Young Girls & specially abled children with their Primary & Secondary Education. The Aasra currently adopted 3 primary schools in Chennai sponsoring education, laboratory, sports equipment and library facilities. Apart from these, so far 100+ Young Girls College Education has been facilitated by Aasra, their Volunteers and Donors.

The Aasra also supports multiple Children orphanages for Blind, physical and Mentally Challenged across India with their primary education and daily needs like construction of physic therapy rooms, supply of Braille papers etc.

The Aasra volunteers also supports Accident victims by taking them to hospitals,  donating Blood and Medical Supplies. So far they have donated 150+ Units of Blood and multiple first aid kids.

Sirisha is a MPhil Graduate and currently working as Principal Consultant at a Top IT Company.

She is the Co-Author of Best Seller Business Book - Sales Decoded.

Her firm belief in “Education for Change" lead her to establish TheAasra Social Service Organisation offering Financial Support for Women Education. 

She can be reach at  sirisha@theaasra.com 

Meet The Members

Sirisha Tadepalli

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Founder & President

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General Secretary


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