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The Team

Who We Are

Spoken English Classes

  • Everyday communication scenarios: Introducing yourself, visiting a doctor, visiting a supermarket, talking to your friend, Travelling, etc

  • Grammar: Articles, Active and passive voice, parts of speech, error spotting

  • Improving vocabulary: Giving a sheet with list of 50 new words with examples on usage of the word

  • Public speaking: Giving prepared speeches and on the speeches on basic topics like: My favourite food, my favourite city, my role model, my favourite movie, etc

  • Working on pronunciations

Entrance Prep for UG and PG

  • Logical reasoning

  • Quantitative aptitude

  • Verbal reasoning and vocabulary

  • General knowledge

  • Technical section based on the exam to be attempted

  • Counselling and guidance to get information on the different pathways and opportunities to pursue further based on the current educational background

  • SOP and other application form filling related assistance

Self Study

Basic Coding Course / Technologies

  • Classes for programming languages like C, C++, Java and Python

  • Online platform to conduct live assessments and provide evaluation and feedback

  • Classes on Web development: HTML, Javascript, etc

  • Classes on Adobe Photoshop

  • Classes on content creation on Canva and Wix

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